Free Attractions in Las Vegas

Free Attractions in Las Vegas

The land of casino maniacs is how the world identifies this fun city of America. But, now it is the time to broaden your insight and expand your vision, as the attractions and luxurious adventures are plenty besides this gambling. I do not like gambling and so I always keep looking for some real excitement. Here, I too, obtained the reward of my hunt – but with a bonus of them being free! Seriously, the free attractions in Las Vegas are some of the best sites of fun, joy, and memories. You can expect public shows, museums, excursions, and much more. I am sure that they are more alluring than being at the casinos even for the ones who are into gambling.

For your great tour, I have written this article on free attractions in Las Vegas.

My Visit

My first discovery among all the free attractions in Las Vegas was the Aquarium located at the pleasant Silverton Hotel. It offers 1,17,000 galloons of salt water tanks rich in varied marine species. Are you fond of chocolates? If yes, do you know how these are made? My next exciting tour of the Ethel M Chocolate Factory made me aware of the yummy chocolate making process. You can even taste them there or can take sweets home. Situated at the distance of seven miles, the free stroll in the factory is really a worth having.


Then, as a great fan of cars, I explored the Penske Wynn Ferrari Maserati museum where you can everything about the Ferrari right from its evolution in the history to present. It is so appealing that you might want to feel like buying one, if you don’t have one. One more vivid museum is the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History where the Western culture, desert living, and the ancient Mexico educate and mesmerize you. Another impressive museum that I visited was an open-air one namely, the Neon Museum where the important items related to the city’s history are exhibited.

The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand will keep you engaged for a long time with its imposing cats pursuing a large ball, beating their vast paws, or simply lying. This was really unusual and deserves attention of all visitors. A cool and alluring site is the Fountains at Bellagio where every evening, you can get entertained by a water and music show. The shows are held between 8:00 pm to 12:00 am every 15 minutes. So, there is no chance of missing it. The fantastic music and dancing lights fountains are the highlights, which fed a long lake making the site quite appealing. The Conservatory at Bellagio was the next attraction on my hit list. In its spacious atrium, check out for its graceful and detailed lines of plants and flowers. Strikingly, the beautiful work is the result of 100 horticulturalists.

Now, be ready to discover the ancient Rome and modern Paris in America! Yes, the Fountain shows at Caesars is where you can behold the grandeur of ancient Rome, while the Paris La Vegas (Eiffel Tower) where you can see the replica of the tower in half size. If you want to be at its top for some breathtaking views, then there is a fee for it. The Fremont Street is a must for those who love dance with music and in light. Yes, feel the magic to be in the $70 million light roof with 540,000-watt sound system.

One more worth attending new free attraction is the Star Trek Experience. Do explore this even if you are not a fan of Star Trek. As your journey begins, the history of the last three decades of the Star Trek welcomes you. Following that, flashes of the creation of Ferengi, Cardassians, Klingons, and other species seen in the series and movies educate you.

Have you dreamed of being an executive who can decide which television shows will be broadcasted and which won’t? Well, you can now do so at the CBS Television City Research Center at the MGM Grand is where you are free to express your decision-making skill.


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